Broadway Stars’ Folgers


I took six English Lops and one Giant Chin to the ETRBA in Mesquite Texas this weekend.  It was a fun show weekend with enough English Lop breeders to earn some grand champion legs. In Show A on Friday night, no legs were won by my rabbits, but the Judge said Folgers and Cobalt were both very good rabbits– and I agree!! Saturday morning, Folgers earned the BOB award and my little chocolate junior doe, Tootsie, was awarded BOSV.  Ritz, my first chocolate chestnut buck was the BOV for solids in Show B and my chocolate tort buck, Snickers, was the BOV at show C Saturday.  Tootsie was BOSV again in Show C.

Really pleased that this chocolate crew I have been working on for a few years is now holding their own on the show table!

There were only two Giant Chins at the show, but Audrey Hepburn was registered.. with a weight of 15.1 lbs!  And she is not seven months old yet…I love that!

I’ve got several litters of English Lops and Giant Chins growing out this summer, so please keep checking the sale tab if you are interested in purchasing from Broadway Stars.

See you on the show table in the Fall!




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