Cajuns vs Cowboys Show-Go Hillbillies!

Seven rabbits from Broadway Stars Rabbitry were entered in the Cajun vs. Cowboys Labor Day Show in Longview Texas-four English Lops and three Giant Chins.  Broadway Stars’ Thistle earned a Best of Breed, and had two Best of Variety wins, so he is ready to Grand after his first weekend of shows!  He showed as a senior, even though he is five months old.

Broadway Stars’ Thistle


Broadway Stars’ Tootsie (Intermediate Chocolate Doe) came home with a BOSB Leg from Show C, and Cobalt (Blue Buck) had a BOSV win, earning his second Grand Champion Leg.

In the Giant Chins, Broadway Stars’ Gilda was selected as BOB by Allen Mesick, and she also won her junior class under Chase Austin. Her sister, Carmen, placed third in Show A and second in Show B. Overall, a great weekend of showing for Broadway Stars.

This show was even more fun because in addition to the Arkansas crew, the Giant Chin club members from Louisiana and Texas were there-and they add a bit of spice to the fun. Especially Wes, who was handing out homemade sausage samples. We also had an excellent turn out for the English Lops, and it was fun to meet new breeders with great rabbits.  New breeder Suzanne won BOB in show A and Show C with an awesome blue buck!

In addition to three Open Shows and some breed specific specialties, this club had some great unique specialties which included “Rare Breeds”, “Buns on the Run”, “Meat Lovers” and “Fluff Wars”.  They did an amazing job of keeping the show moving considering how many activities were in motion.

I did not stay late Sunday to hear if the Louisiana Cajuns or the Texas Cowboys had more Best of Breed Wins… I do know that on Saturday night, the Arkansas Hillbillies were giving the Cajuns a run for the money…




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