River Valley Show Results

I travelled to the inaugural River Valley RBA show in Russellville last weekend. It was absolutely wonderful to have a show so close by, and I want to be sure to support the new Arkansas rabbit clubs. It will be easy to continue to support RVRBA because they did an outstanding job, it was well organized and the venue was perfect. Big thanks to the show committee, volunteers and judges.

Broadway Stars Giant Chins did fantastic on the show table. Eliza Doolittle, a junior doe, won BOB in both the Rare Breed Specialty and in Show B. She beat her mother, Audrey Hepburn!

Broadway Stars’ Eliza Doolittle

A Broadway Stars’ doe now owned by Susan at Whitten/Applegate Farms won BOB in Show A and then went on to win Second Reserve in Show A!  Congratulations to Susan and her doe Sara, and thank you for letting me share in your celebration.  A Broadway Stars junior buck now owned by Morgan earned two BOS legs in the Rare Breed Specialty and in Show B.  It is great when rabbits from your barn show well for other breeders.

Broadway Stars’ English Lops did well also at RVRBA. Wisteria, a Lilac intermediate doe,  earned a leg with a BOB win in Show B.

Broadway Stars’ Wisteria


Broadway Stars’ Folgers was the BOS winner in Show B, earning his first leg.  Tootsie, a chocolate senior doe, came home with a leg for her class win in Show B, too.

This was a great way to end showing for 2018.  The Broadway Stars’  show team will be back on the tables at the Corners of the South Show in Shreveport in February.  See you there!


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