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$50 no pedigree, $75 with pedigree

Chocolate Buck

DOB: 3/13/2018

Snickers (Chocolate Tort)  x Azure (Lilac)

A little buck I was watching grow out, but he is not needed

in my Chocolate program. Good as pet or brood.





Lilac Tort Buck (BS492)

Ears: 24 x 5 1/4

DOB: 4/5/2018

Broadway Stars’ Freddie Mercury (Broken Lilac Point)  x Broadway Stars’ Glitter (Chestnut)

Nice buck.  Tip of his tail is broken. 




Broadway Stars’ Ditz

Black Buck  (BS459)

DOB: 12/14/17

Broadway Stars’ Twilight (Lilac) x Broadway Stars’ Glitter (Chestnut)

Absolutely stunning body on this buck.  His ears are 24 inches long, but they do not balance with his long, deep and wide body.  He will make a wonderful brood buck, and he carries chocolate, so he has both body type and color going for him.