Broadway Stars’ Folgers


I took six English Lops and one Giant Chin to the ETRBA in Mesquite Texas this weekend.  It was a fun show weekend with enough English Lop breeders to earn some grand champion legs. In Show A on Friday night, no legs were won by my rabbits, but the Judge said Folgers and Cobalt were both very good rabbits– and I agree!! Saturday morning, Folgers earned the BOB award and my little chocolate junior doe, Tootsie, was awarded BOSV.  Ritz, my first chocolate chestnut buck was the BOV for solids in Show B and my chocolate tort buck, Snickers, was the BOV at show C Saturday.  Tootsie was BOSV again in Show C.

Really pleased that this chocolate crew I have been working on for a few years is now holding their own on the show table!

There were only two Giant Chins at the show, but Audrey Hepburn was registered.. with a weight of 15.1 lbs!  And she is not seven months old yet…I love that!

I’ve got several litters of English Lops and Giant Chins growing out this summer, so please keep checking the sale tab if you are interested in purchasing from Broadway Stars.

See you on the show table in the Fall!




Winding Down

With summer just around the corner, spring breeding season and show season are winding down. Our last show will be in Mesquite, Texas, at the ETRBA Show on May 25 & 26, and we will take the summer off, and concentrate on keeping the rabbits cool.  I spent today getting the fans cleaned, and the soaker hoses ready for the heat that is coming.

A litter of chocolates and lilacs from Stars’ GooGoo x Stars’ Frosty

The last two English Lop does were bred today.  Buttercup was bred to Bonbon, and Glimmer was bred to Freddie Mercury, and if they were successful, there should be lots of color, including more chocolates in 31 days. I am very excited about a litter due on Tuesday: Hyacinth, a broken blue doe who carries chocolate is expecting a litter with Moonlight, an awesome REW buck with 27 in ears!  We have a few more  English Lop and Giant Chin litters also due in June.

A broken chocolate chestnut from Stars’ Glitter x Stars’ Freddie Mercury

There will be five English Lops and a couple of Giant Chins for sale at Mesquite, and lots more of them available from Broadway Stars this summer.

It’s Been a Year!

I can’t believe it has been a year since I’ve posted on this blog.  It has been a very busy year, especially at work, so let me first apologize for taking so long to get back on this site.  There have been a lot of chocolate based English Lops born at Broadway Stars the past few months.  In fact, there are two litters that contain only chocolates/lilacs.  These sixteen kits are five weeks old, so it will be a couple more months before they are available.  My first chocolate chestnut, a buck named Ritz, is four months old, and he will be on the show table in Mesquite, Texas Memorial Day weekend. There is a two week old broken Chocolate Chestnut here now, too–totally adorable!  I expect to have several junior English Lops available at Mesquite.  All of them should at least carry chocolate, and one or two will be chocolate.

I also have an outstanding Giant Chinchilla doe named Audrey Hepburn.  She received four Grand Champion legs on her first show weekend at the COTS Show in Shreveport,  including a Reserve in Show at the Rare Breed Specialty.  She is only six months old and already weighs over the minimum of 13 pounds!  I can’t wait to see what she produces, and hope she really steps up Broadway Stars Giant Chinchilla program.

Just a Bonbon

IMG_0362 2

No box of chocolates this time, just a single Bonbon.  Truffle had some problems with her delivery, and had a single broken chocolate kit, now named Bonbon. 🙂 I hope to repeat this breeding to Amaretto in the fall, but now Truffle will be bred to Frosty, a REW buck, to determine if he is actually chocolate under his white coat. Bonbon will be raised by Petals, with her litter of five.   Petals’ first litter includes a chocolate (and possibly lilac), so she is a confirmed chocolate carrier, also.

Petal’s Litter

I am very excited about another upcoming litter.  Glitter, a chestnut doe (A_ Bb C_ Dd E_), was bred to Starbucks, a buck that is suspected to be a self chocolate chin (aa bb cchdc Dd E_).  Starbucks carries REW, and if Glitter carries REW, also, then there is the potential for this litter to produce chocolate and lilac chins! Even if that doesn’t happen, Stars may still have chocolate based agoutis–Chocolate Chestnut and Lynx–from this breeding.   Dusty, a Lilac GTS, is our only chocolate agouti so far.

Box of Chocolates!

Nice day in the rabbitry today.  Three does are due next week, so I was watching mommy tummies today and confirmed that Truffle, the broken chocolate doe, definitely has some babies kicking around in there.  She is bred to Amaretto, the chocolate tort buck below.  Look for pictures in a week or so!  Petals and Cate are due next week, too.  I do expect some chocolate bunnies from these breedings also.  Rachael Ray had a litter of seven this week, and one or two look like lilacs.  All of these will be chocolate carriers as she was bred to Rocket, a broken lilac buck.

Broadway Star's Amaretto
Chocolate Tort Buck