Winding Down

With summer just around the corner, spring breeding season and show season are winding down. Our last show will be in Mesquite, Texas, at the ETRBA Show on May 25 & 26, and we will take the summer off, and concentrate on keeping the rabbits cool.  I spent today getting the fans cleaned, and the soaker hoses ready for the heat that is coming.

A litter of chocolates and lilacs from Stars’ GooGoo x Stars’ Frosty

The last two English Lop does were bred today.  Buttercup was bred to Bonbon, and Glimmer was bred to Freddie Mercury, and if they were successful, there should be lots of color, including more chocolates in 31 days. I am very excited about a litter due on Tuesday: Hyacinth, a broken blue doe who carries chocolate is expecting a litter with Moonlight, an awesome REW buck with 27 in ears!  We have a few more  English Lop and Giant Chin litters also due in June.

A broken chocolate chestnut from Stars’ Glitter x Stars’ Freddie Mercury

There will be five English Lops and a couple of Giant Chins for sale at Mesquite, and lots more of them available from Broadway Stars this summer.

It’s Been a Year!

I can’t believe it has been a year since I’ve posted on this blog.  It has been a very busy year, especially at work, so let me first apologize for taking so long to get back on this site.  There have been a lot of chocolate based English Lops born at Broadway Stars the past few months.  In fact, there are two litters that contain only chocolates/lilacs.  These sixteen kits are five weeks old, so it will be a couple more months before they are available.  My first chocolate chestnut, a buck named Ritz, is four months old, and he will be on the show table in Mesquite, Texas Memorial Day weekend. There is a two week old broken Chocolate Chestnut here now, too–totally adorable!  I expect to have several junior English Lops available at Mesquite.  All of them should at least carry chocolate, and one or two will be chocolate.

I also have an outstanding Giant Chinchilla doe named Audrey Hepburn.  She received four Grand Champion legs on her first show weekend at the COTS Show in Shreveport,  including a Reserve in Show at the Rare Breed Specialty.  She is only six months old and already weighs over the minimum of 13 pounds!  I can’t wait to see what she produces, and hope she really steps up Broadway Stars Giant Chinchilla program.

NEARB Easter Show

We attended the Northeast Arkansas Rabbit Breeder’s Show in Jonesboro on Saturday. We had a great time visiting with friends and showing rabbits.  We were done with two shows by 1 p.m.!  Very well run show.  In Giant Chinchillas, TnT’s Ivanhoe (purchased fromWesley Tero)  took Best Opposite Sex in Show B earning his first Grand Champion Leg.

TnT’s Ivanhoe

And Broadway Stars’ Zsa Zsa Gabor, a junior doe, won her class of 7 in both shows, and then took BOS in Show C, earning her 2nd and 3rd Grand Champion Legs this weekend.

In English Lops, Broadway Stars’ Rocket was BOB in Show B, and a little blue tort doe that hasn’t even been named yet was BOS in Show C.   Unfortunately, there were only two breeders, so no legs for them this time.

If I can learn to find my way around Jonesboro, I will definitely try to keep this show in our schedule.